Stanislav is CEO of Zangador Ltd – a company for the professionals in tourism, hospitality and marketing.

Tourism is our passion – we are dedicated to the mission to contribute for long-term development of successful and competitive tourist industry in Bulgaria.

Marketing is our way of thinking – we use solid business expertise, innovative marketing and research tools, and customer-driven approach to optimise our clients’ performance.

Supporting the main concepts in theory with real-life cases we provide our clients with more thorough view of their company, taking into account all involved stakeholder. Our vision is to integrate the conceptual ideas with the real business problems, thus making the science to serve practice.


  • Cooperation and empathy – we believe, that if we walk together in the same direction, we will reach far.
  • Effectiveness, Efficiency, Perfection – we do the right things, in the correct way, and we aim at perfection.
  • Long range planning and development – long-term goals require long-term planning.
  • Professional attitude and time management – our attitude towards our own arrangement, our customers and our partners