Authored books:

Hotel RM - front coverIvanov, S. (2014). Hotel revenue management – from theory to practice. Varna: Zangador. Available at: SSRN | | Researchgate | Google Books


Hotel marketing

Иванов, Ст., В. Жечев (2011) Маркетинг в хотелиерството. Варна: Зангадор // Ivanov, S., Zhechev, V. (2011). Hotel marketing. Varna: Zangador. Purchase at: Zangador. Read online at: Google Books


Euroregion Lower Danube

Иванов, С., Т. Дянков (2008) Ръководство за разработване на конкурентоспособни туристически продукти в Еврорегион Долен Дунав. Висше Училище Международен Колеж, Добрич, ISBN 978-954-635-001-5 // Ivanov, S., Dyankov, T. (2008). Manual for developing competitive tourist products in Euroregion Lower Danube. Dobrich: International University College.

Editted books:

Ivanov, S. & Webster, C. (Eds.) (2019). Robots, artificial intelligence and service automation in travel, tourism and hospitality. Emerald. Purchase at: Emerald. Read online at: Google Books



Ivanova, M., Ivanov, S., Magnini, V. (2016). Routledge Handbook of Hotel Chain Management. London: Routledge. Purchase at: Routledge. Read online at: Google Books


Future tourism - cover

Leigh, J., C. Webster and S. Ivanov (eds.) (2012) Future Tourism: Political, Social and Economic Challenges. London: Routledge. Purchase at: Routledge. Read online at: Google Books